Tuesday, February 25, 2020

a collection of little "tin" niches

I love religious shrines, and when I received my DT box from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, I was drawn to the selection of little niches that were included. My mind immediately conjured up thoughts of tin nichos/niches. I hope to create a collection of authentic looking treasures.
This collection uses the little niche pointedlittle niche scalloped, and little niche sun burst.
I assemble the bare niches without any glue to get an idea of the basic shapes.
This helps me to envision how I want the final pieces to appear. Next, I cover the outer surfaces of the flat front panels with metal foil (HVAC duct sealing) tape. I purchased this roll of tape many years ago, and have used it for many projects, this tape is an inexpensive alternative to metallic foil sheets, however, those would also work well for this project.
For the box portions of the niches, I tried different methods for adding the metallic surface. The first method involved gluing the chipboard into it's 3 dimensional form and then covering it with foil tape. Another niche was covered with tape before being assembled. Both methods produce similar results; adding the metal foil tape while the niche was flat may be easier. Be sure to leave any areas that will be glued together uncovered.
When the niches are covered, attach them to the back side of the flat panel. I prefer to finish both sides of my projects. Once the glue is cured, cover the back sides of the pieces with metallic foil. Now the fun creativity begins. Gather any Dresden that you may have in your stash, or create some of your own faux Dresden using 3D impresslits embossing dies. Using metallic Kraft stock, slightly dampen the paper and create the dimensional die cuts. 
When you have a selection of pieces, try different patterns and pieces onto each niche.
When you are satisfied with the design, attach the trims to the face of the niche with adhesive.
 Collage medium or even hot glue works well to secure the pieces.
The little "tin" niches are complete. The possibilities for what to display within them are endless. 
As I mentioned, I love religious art, and these became the perfect shrines for some favorite images of Mary. I fussy cut and layer the pieces of each image to create interest as well as take advantage of the depth within. I also add gilded accents to the layers. 
These are my finished pieces: 

(using the little niche pointed)
(using the little niche sun burst)

If you are inspired or enjoy making small shrines/niches like I do, be sure to check out the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Store. They have a wonderful selection of different shapes in addition to the three that I have used here. I have other ones that I intend to use in a very different way. There are eleven different little niche designs in total.

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Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts used:


  1. They are so ancient and attractive and vibrant. I too love the religious icons and have used some of the very same images in my projects! Truly inspirational

  2. They are so amazing Ann, incredible what can be done with paper and some great imagination!