Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Hello creative friends!  It's Susan on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog today, sharing a wee shadow box.  I like to use quotes.  A lot.  I have them scribbled on scraps of paper, a white board, a notebook, the tablet; all waiting for inspiration to strike.  This week's inspiration brought out a quote by Voltaire, an 18th century French philosopher.

The Mini Shadowbox Set has 6 boxes graduated in size - I used the largest here: 3 1/2 inches x 3 inches.  Perfect used individually or for a themed series... hmm... I'm getting an idea!

While the box glue was drying, I printed the Voltaire quote on faux parchment paper and coated with a thin layer of satin varnish.  This made the both the ink and paper a little more vibrant.

It's not shown here, but once the varnish dried I glued that whole paper to another layer of the same to give the bits more strength.

Once dry, I cut the quote out and edged with gold marker on the front and ink on the edges. The gold marker needs time to dry before handling.

I covered the box in papers using Mod Podge.  Tip - the inside edge can be covered with one strip of 12-inch paper -- it fits perfectly. 

To raise the quote off the back wall, I needed scrap chipboard.  I kept these bottom fence pieces from a past project, and the width of the bottom strip was perfect.  I used 3 layers of fencing on each word strip.

I want to share how I miter Dresden trim edges.  I started by mitering the top and right Dresden strips.  (in the photo, I've already set aside the top strip for last.)  Here, the right strip is glued down - see how it's too long at the end?  I overlapped the bottom Dresden strip and cut, aiming the scissors at both the inside and outside angles.  Scissors with sharp tips are needed here so you don't push the scissors in too far. 

To position the Dresden trim, I use a Zig 2-Way pen and tweezers.

The bottom is glued on, now to miter the next corner.

Here, the left is glued on, and I finished with the top Dresden strip.  Remember that I already mitered the right edge of the top strip; just need to do the left using the same method.

Add glue and position with the tweezer.  Done!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
Mini Shadowbox Set C33P Set of 6 
House Ornament Fence D172HF

Other Supplies Used
Graphic 45 Communique paper
Mod Podge
Black gesso
Dresden trim
Distress glitter
Cheese cloth dirtied up with black gesso
Pilot Gold Marker
Gold ink
Duraclear satin varnish (on quote strips)
Liquitex matte varnish (on box exterior)


  1. I love the quote and your shadowbox is frozen in time. It look authentic and intriguing!!

  2. Susan, I love this box and the neatness in your details. Even the mitered Dresden trim.

  3. Susan, I made a comment and it disappeared, so forgive me if it appears twice later. Love this project. Your attention to details and neatness are especially amazing e.g. the mitered Dresden trim.

  4. Love this project, I can see a whole series of these little boxes happening.