Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tea with Mrs Claus by Dianna

Hi everyone, Dianna here with two of my favorite things Christmas and tea.  I think that Mrs. Claus does not get enough credit and needs a tea break with her friend.

I started with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Miniature China Cabinet. I first dry assembled it then painted it Holly Green. I then cut two scrap strips of paper to line the shelves.   I then used Tyvek (from mailing envelopes) to attach the doors.  The flourishes are a special order from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, just email and ask for the flourishes on the miniature china cabinet.  The clock, teapot, cupcakes and tea cups are from a mold using air dry paper clay Delight from Creative Paper Clay.  The Delight air dry paper clay is super easy to use and sets up in a couple of hours. I used Copic markers on the molds.

The miniature table and chairs are coming soon to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I painted the table and chairs with white acrylic paint. I painted the top of the chairs and seat red. I then daubed Stickles all over the chairs prior to assembly.  I used a candy cane stripe scrap of paper for the top of the table.  The teapot and cookies are from the same mold and Delight air dry paper clay. 
I requested that Gina at Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts enlarge two of her Fashionistas so that I could use them as Mrs. Claus and her friend.  I painted the ladies with white acrylic and used Copic Markers on Mrs. Claus.  Mrs. Claus fur ruff is actually from a snow bottle and to make it sparkly I used Stickles.  Stickles was also used on her boots and hat.  Mrs. Claus's friend got scraps from the shelf liner and some green paper.  Copic Markers was used on her hat, face, hair and boots.  Nail art stones were used for her buttons and Stickles was used on her hat, gloves and boots. 

Thank you for looking!
Items Used
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
Miniature Table and Chairs (coming soon!!)

Other Items
Creative Paper Clay

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