Monday, December 21, 2015

Simple Gift Idea by Barb

Practically nothing throws me into a panic during the holiday season like an informal, last minute invitation of, "Hey, come on over tonight!" Because what follows isn't "Oh dear, what shall I wear?!" It is, "Oh dear, what shall I bring?!" In my circles, I'm known for handmade, which is great. But when I have half an hour or so to whip up the magic? Yikes!

So, here's a bit of inspiration that came out of one such moment. I began with a wide-mouth, 8-oz mason jar. I always have those around because I also like to make jellies and jams.

I began by sponging StazOn Studio Glaze all over the jar. It dries fast, so by the time I picked out the doilies I wanted to use from the Cardstock Doily Set - Intricates, I was ready to continue. I cut the doilies so that the curves would come up over the top of the jar. Then I simply glued them in place. I glued smaller doilies on top of those to cover some of the bare spots.

I set it aside for a minute to let the glue dry while I searched for the ribbon I wanted to use. Then I tied the ribbon with a simple knot. But, I felt like it needed a little something more. A little festive holiday sparkle, perhaps? Yes. So, I dabbed all over it with my Goosebumps Dauber and then sprinkled on fine glitter. 

Done! I had a cute little project to bring my hostess that night. It should be noted that I included battery-operated tea lights so as not to have open flame near the paper doilies.

Supply List

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

StazOn Studio Glaze
Goosebumps Texture Dauber
Mason jar

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