Sunday, March 6, 2022

Santos Doll by Rachel Harries


Hi, I cant tell you how in love with this little kit I am, I will definitely be creating more.
I Start with the Santos Doll kit 

I assemble the base first and give it a good coat of black gesso.

Next I assemble the top half of the Santos Doll and use some airdry  clay to sculpt some features.

I then give the top half of the doll a coat of white gesso and add some paint.
At this point I join the two pieces of the doll.
I then take some strips of lace and fabric (only a small amount) I use mod podge with this but there are endless alternatives that will act as an adhesive and stiffener for the fabric.
I then took some extra elements to adhere to the doll at this stage, I used ; Ivy corners 1 inch fancy Wheels 1.5 inch Fancy Wheel Miniature Feathery Flourishes

I then give all of those elements a coat of black gesso  and add some acrylic paint 
I took a set of moulded wings and some yarn which I separated out to create hair, then finished off with a few touches of metalic wax.

All items used;

Santos Doll 

Ivy Corners

1 inch Fancy Wheels

1.5 inch Fancy Wheels

Feathery Flourishes Miniature

along with small scraps of fabric and lace, a little yarn, black and white gesso, modpodge, acrylic paint, water colour paint, metalic wax and wings.

I hope you enjoyed this project.


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  1. This is completely amazing Rachel!!! So wonderful to see how you brought the kit to life and she's absolutely stunning.
    Fliss xx