Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Irish Landscapes Through a Looking Glass-A Peek-a-Boo Project

 This is Jon David Lowe for the GSLC DT, as I stated in my last post I have enjoyed traveling to the UK on several occasions and have saved some photographs from my travels there. These are a few of my favorites hidden beneath GSCL Latin Script Background. It is a cheeky play on the phrase "through a looking glass"  which can mean "the opposite of what is normally expected." Here I am using the background as a foreground and the looking glass somewhat old-fashioned way to say mirror is reflected and if you look closely in the reversal of the Latin Script Background, my nod to April Fools coming to a month near you soon.

1.  Gather Supplies.

2.  Print Images of your Choosing to Glue to Cut Bookboard base. I Cut mine 5" by 6"

3.  Use Weldbond to Glue Images to Bookboard.

4.  Coat Entire Picture with a Generous Layer of Glossy Accents, Spreading Carefully with a Small Plastic Palette Knife. Allow to Dry Fully.

5.  Use Watercolors to Randomly Paint GSLC  Latin Script Backgrounds, I Reversed Just for Added Interest. There are Metallic Watercolors I used to Highlight the Script. You Could Also Use Metallic Paints or Markers.

6.  Spray with Distress Oxide Sprays to Make them Look More Aged.   


7.  Once Fully Dry Lay on Top Of Prepared Picture. Once Again Coat Entire Picture with a Generous Layer of Glossy Accents, Spreading Carefully with a Small Plastic Palette Knife. This Will Act and an Adhesive Bonding the GSLC Latin Script Backgrounds to the Foregrounds of Your Pictures. Allow to Dry Fully.

8.  While Drying Use an Art Foamie and Acrylic Paints to 5" by 7" Store-bought Frames. Being Careful to Remove the Glass or Plastic  and Backing Before Stamping.


9.  Cut Out Pieces of Glitter Cardstock to Act as a Border for Your Prepared Art Pieces.

10.                Attach Fully Dried Picture to Glitter Cardstock with a Piece of Double Sided Tape.

11.                Reassemble Frames and Enjoy Your New Art Pieces of Treasured Travel Memories.

Some Final Thoughts.

While traveling you can see unexpected sites that surprise you. The pictures I have hidden beneath the GSLC Latin Script Backgrounds are of a Castle in Ireland, the Irish Shoreline, a Crystal Clear Stream in Scotland swarming with baby eels, and a Landscape Scene from England's Lake District.  I am forever grateful for places I have traveled in my younger day as their memories still enchant my country boy's quiet heart. I never imaged I would be able to travel and see the amazing locations I have been to. These memories still feed my soul and spur on my creativity. Never pass up an opportunity for a road trip or a grand adventure even if it just to you local sushi shoppe, or a Home Goods or TJ Maxx Store. Not all travels need to take you far if you have an imagination and a grateful heart, there are worlds to explore just outside of your front door or within an hour's drive from your neighborhood. On the other hand sometimes travel does involve a longer journey by "planes, trains, and automobiles."

Lessons learned from travel and the 1987 film. Be Thankful for What You Have, Time with Family is Important, friends Come When You Least Expect Them, Keep the Faith, Always Be Kind, Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover, All Shall Be Well, Make a Plan but Be Willing to Step Off the Path...

Supplies:  GSLC Latin Script Backgrounds (4), Bookboard to Accommodate GSLC Script Backgrounds,  Watercolors, Paintbrush, Printed Images of Your Choosing, Rangers Glossy Clear Dimensional Medium, Small Plastic Palette Knife,  Scissors, Weldbond,  Distress Oxide Sprays of Your Color Pallet, Cheap 5" by 7 Frames from  Your Local Hobby Store, Art Foamie of Your Choosing, Acrylic Paints of your Choosing, Ruler, Glitter Paper to Make a Border for Your Art Pieces, Double Sided Tape


I cannot wait to see your interpretation of this project. Share it on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Craft Group Page on Facebook. I would love to see what new creations you are working on!



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