Sunday, March 20, 2022

My Tree House Rachel Harries


This week I decided I needed to make a tree house, its something I've been itching to do since seeing the tree and house, so this week is the time to do it. 
I started off by creating a base, I taped some packaging to a piece of board and then added air dry clay and the tree, I added airdry clay in places on the tree and the trunk as well as creating a bit of a root system, once the clay was dry I added some different textures for interest.

The next thing I did was to give everything a good coat of black gesso and got my first layers of paint work down. I generally put a few layers of paint so I never expect the first layer or two to look exactly right, I am just laying the foundations.

I then started building my House I painted some parts with black gesso as I was putting it together being very mindful not to go anywhere near the areas that adhere together as I didnt want any of those parts to swell with the extra moisture and become difficult to put together. I also added Dormers and window trim. I painted all the elements and added some small pieces of lace to the windows. I then stuck my House into the tree.

I then added a rope ladder that I made with pieces of cocktail stick and some twine.
Next I did more painting and then I made some bunting for the tree using a tiny piece of linen and some sewing thread.
to finish off I popped some lights inside the house and there we go.

For my project I used;
textural elements (balls and chippings)
airdry clay
acrylic paint 
cocktail sticks 
small piece of calico
LED lights 

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  1. So very beautiful Rachel and such a clever inventive creation too - just love it!
    Fliss xx