Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Travel journal (part III)

Hi everyone!
Myry again and let's continue with the travel journal tutorial! In this second stage we're going to start the cover, stick the structure to the spine and work with the chipboards.

So, take your cover and your piece of fabric and start to work. As you can see I was using an old book cover with no hard spine (it's just a piece of thick paper)

Be careful with the corners, especially if you aren't going to use corner pieces
I decided to decorate the spine with 2 gold cardstock strips of 5mm thick 
Use a piece of flexible and resistant paper to reinforce the spine on the inside. Mark and fold it every 3mm
My piece is 2'5cm wider on both sides and is only a few cm less than the length of the spine
Stick the structure to a piece of flexible fabric (this is very important) of the same length but whose width is at least 5cm wider on both sides
And now put glue only the sides of the fabric...
...and stick them to the cover; above all avoid putting glue in the spine area

Now it's time to work with the chipboards!! 
Start with the "Wander Title," a piece of scrap paper and cream acrylic paint. First stick the paper (or pieces of paper) under the "gaps" of the chipboard so that the paper underneath is visible. Then rub the paint with a sponge to give it an aged touch and show the original color a bit, it doesn't matter if the paper is stained
For the first page I prepared a collage with this chipboard

Let's do something super simple with the "Ring Stains". Separate each ring and paint them with acrylic paint, it's that simple! 
You can use them to decorate the pages or as a support to hold tags
Now let's use "Trading Coin Covers Under The Sea" in another way. 
For this piece use an acrylic paint and glitter of the same color (gold in my case). Paint the chipboard putting a thick layer of paint and sprinkle the glitter on top before it dries
I've used it as a pocket
If a piece sticks out remember to paint the back!
For this 2nd piece use 2 different crayons (blue and purple in my case) and crystal effect acrylic paint (this paint gives a volume effect). Paint the chipboard with both colors and then paint it with the effect paint.
To make a pocket with the chipboard just put the glue in the area that you want to have closed avoiding the rest
And for the "Compasswe're going to make another aged effect with gesso and brown paint. Paint it with the white gesso, wait for it to dry and then splash with the brown paint, you can paint the edges too
So we only have to finish the cover and make the closing! Next will be the last tutorial!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Old book cover
Blue stained papers
Scrapbook papers or something else
Brown and gold cardstock, and acetate
2 different fabrics and sewing machine
Die cuts, shaker filler and some embellishments
Natural elements: shells, sand, branches...
Carboard, cutter, scissors, glue, gold eyelets and brads
Brown, cream, blue and crystal effect acrylic paint, blue and purple crayons and gold glitter
Gesso, brush, sponge, scoreboard and crop-a-dile

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