Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Travel journal (part IV)

Hi everyone!
Myry again and let's finish our journal!
We're going to do the closing. You need a piece of fabric, a piece of thin cardboard (2x20cm in my case but you can make it longer and wider if you want) and a piece of scrap paper
Mark the center of the cardboard and round one of the corners
Cover the cardboard with the piece of scrap paper
Copy the shape of the carboard on a piece of thin paper...
...and stick it to the piece of fabric, cut the fabric around the paper
Now is the time to decorate the piece of fabric. Instead of sewing as on the cover I decided to use some strips of gold cardsotck
Stick the fabric to the piece of cardboard
Sew (or stick) the corner without rounding to the cover
Put the round corner where you want to place the buckle for the closure
Mark the place where you're going to put the buckle
Use another piece of thin cardboard (2x5'5cm in my case) and another piece of fabric
I've sewn it at 5mm from the edge making sure that there is space for the closure strip to enter without problems, and to cover the seam I also used a gold strips
You can make a closure with two ribbons if it's easier for you!
Behind the front and back cover stick 2 scrap papers (the size of your covers) and make pockets using 2 pieces of lace, fabric...
Stick them once you've sewn everything you want to the covers, you can also decorate the edges of the structure with more gold cardstock
It's always better to decorate the spine before sticking the structure but with this type of spines it can be done at any time. First find the center of the spine and make a hole at the height you prefer
Use another piece of thin cardboard (1'5x4cm in my case) and another piece of fabric
Once it's dry fold it by less than half and sew the top piece leaving the bottom one open
Put a brad on top and put it in the hole in the spine. You can cover the brad legs with a piece of paper or an embellishment. Now you can go through the open space any hanging decoration
And now we're going to do the decoration of the cover. Use the "Portal Frame" to make a shaker window. Paint it with blue and brown paint to give it a rusty touch
Cut a piece of round cardboard the same size as the round part of the chipboard
Paint it the same colors, especially the inner and outer edges
Put gold eyelets in the holes of the chipboard
Cut a round piece of scrap paper and glue it under the round cardboard. Stick all the elements you want and put the shaker filler. 
Stick a round piece of acetate on top to close the window...
...and before sticking the chipboard on top you must stick more elements (if you want)
As the closure strip is higher than the cover itself, use cardboard so that the shaker is straight
Once it's dry decorate the shaker with the rest of the elements such as sand, shells...
And so we finish this tutorial!!

Thank you so much for joining me here!!! It has been a very interesting year, working with these great chipboards and be with this fantastic DT. Please, be aware with everything that is published on the blog and on the FB group. 
Thanks a lot for reading to the end.
I wish you a good summer!!!!
Myry says goodbye for a while!!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Old book cover
Blue stained papers
Scrapbook papers or something else
Brown and gold cardstock, and acetate
2 different fabrics and sewing machine
Die cuts, shaker filler and some embellishments
Natural elements: shells, sand, branches...
Carboard, cutter, scissors, glue, gold eyelets and brads
Brown, cream, blue and crystal effect acrylic paint, blue and purple crayons and gold glitter
Gesso, brush, sponge, scoreboard and crop-a-dile

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  1. You must be very pleased with this final project. It is stunning! Thanks for taking us through the process so perfectly.