Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Embossing technique with suede

Hi everyone!
Myry again and this time I gonna show you a embossing technique with suede.
Maybe you've heard of this technique or used it before but for me it has been the discovery of the year! 
So I'm going to use the Jack-O-Lantern Mini Album and a piece of thin suede of an indescribable pumpkin color.
Take one piece and draw the outline with a 5mm margin on a two pieces of cardboard.
Equalize the edges with the help of the nail file. When you're done use this piece as a template for the cardstock.
Before continuing, if you want to make a notebook I advise you to use one of these pieces to draw its contour on paper, in my case, I'll use colored paper folded in half.
Lump together in two groups of three the pieces of the pumpkin (in one you must have the two smiley pieces an another empty one).
Use one of the smiley pieces as a template for the empty piece.
Now glue the pieces of each group one on top of the other.
We need this thickness to get the embossing effect.
Then glue them on top of the cardboard (remember the orientation of the covers so as not to glue the back cover upside down).
And now we're going to start to see how this embossing technique works!
We move forward little by little starting by putting glue on the eyels and the mouth (the "less raised" parts). Make sure the glue you use doesn't get transfer.
Extend the suede over the piece and sink the fabric with your finger until you start to see the relief.
You can also use a paper bending tool to help you with the corners.
Once dry (and not before) put glue on one half of the pumpkin and smooth the suede well.
Use a brush to spread the glue on the edge of the piece.
Do the same with the other half and let it dry for a few hours.
Once dry you can finish the covers.
By the way, remember that before gluing the cardstock behind the covers you must make the binding the closure.
So what did you think of this technique? I leave to your imagination how to use it but I'll show you how my work ended. I was in doubt whether to make a book binding (for which I would have to separate the colored sheets) or make a sewn binding with the sheets folded in half. 
I hope you liked it and are encouraged to put it into practice with some of Gypsy's chipboards!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Cardboard 5mm
Cardstock and paper
Glue, cutter and scissors
Paperaper bending tool, brush, nail file and paper clips