Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Halloween Cats Scratching At The Window

 Hi Everyone, 

I have a spooky Halloween project for you today!

I am using two chipboard sets - Cat Shape Set D69B  and Dimensional Window Kit D174WD.

The Dimensional Window Kit comes with the four pieces shown below (two window frames, a mylar square and the back piece) but I am only using the two frames today and will find another use for the remaining pieces.

The cat shape set has six cat shapes and I will be using four of them for this project.

Here's my idea for the spooky window, showing the placement of the four cats.

First things first, let's paint the cats black because we can't have Halloween without some black cats!  I used black fluid acrylic paint to paint mine but any black paint will do.

Next I painted the frames.  I couldn't decide which colour to choose so I decided to paint one lime green and one purple, using metallic acrylic paints.

So the usual way of constructing this dimensional window is to use it to make a shaker style window and stack one frame on top of the other to make a deeper frame.  The way I am using this dimensional window is a little different.  :)

Here are some gel prints I made on deli paper a while ago.  They were not made for Halloween but they have the perfect Halloween colours so I wanted to use a piece of it in my window.  

I cut a square to fit my frame.  If you don't happen to have Halloween-coloured gel prints to hand, you can of course use any other paper, so long as there is some transparency to it ie deli paper, tissue paper, tracing paper, layout paper etc.  You can then paint or ink on it or leave it plain.

Next glue the deli paper square to the unpainted side of one of the frames, in my case, the green one.  Then repeat the process to sandwich the deli paper between the two frames but first add a little cord or ribbon in the middle which will allow you to hang it up later.

Once you have your frame complete and dried, add two of the cats to one side...

... and two of the cats to the other side, so that all four window panes have a cat in them.

Here is the finished project.  It looks cute don't you think?  Just two cute little cats playing in the window...

But if you hang it up in front of a window...

...the light shines through the deli paper and you can see their spooky little friends on the other side of the window, just waiting to come in!

I hope you enjoyed this little Halloween project and that you will try making your own spooky Halloween cat window!

Til next time,

Empire of the Cat

Project Recipe:
Cat Shape Set D69B  and Dimensional Window Kit D174WD.
black fluid acrylic paint
lime green and purple metallic acrylic paint
PVA glue
From stash:  gel printed deli paper (you can use any paper you can see through) paper cord (you can use any type of cord or ribbon)

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