Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Shamrock Chapel

There is a beautiful little church I visited while in Ireland, St. Finbarr's Oratory at Gougane Barra. A wee chapel situated on a bit of a jetty on a lake.

Looking at the Mausoleum Kit in my stash I was inspired by my memories of this place to create a miniature chapel of my own.

For the exterior stone texture I've used drywall compound and the Cobblestone stencil.

Tip: coat your stencil with boating wax to seal it and make it reusable!

I quite like the roof of this piece and the wee turrets that flank the two sides. For the saintly statues I simply painted some miniature figures used for railway models grey and popped them inside. That fancy it at the front peak is the top bit of a chipboard key from the Keys & Plates Shape Set

The windows are a stained glass image that I downloaded then printed onto a transparency sheet. Rather than cutting out individual windows, there is a piece that covers the whole windowed area. It's much easier and less fiddly if no one is going to be peeking inside.

And that spikey Gothic trim to the roof? I deconstructed (aka chopped up) a Gothic Border to add some vertical interest.

You can follow the process I went through making this piece with THIS video walk-though.  And here is the supply list of all the bits you'll need to create your own version.

Other supplies needed for this project:
Stained glass pattern printed on transparency
Acrylic paint
Drywall compound
Cross charm
Railway figures

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  1. Fantastic I love how magical and grand this project turned out you are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all.