Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pretty coasters for an alfresco summer

For the first time in forever, I am the proud owner of an awesome grill. This has lead to the redesigning of our terrace (that we never use) into a charming outdoor space. Which of course, one has to accessorize. Like, with really pretty coasters. Hence, this blog post!
My pretty coasters for lovely cocktails on the terrace.
Here's to the beginning of a beautiful summer!
I started out with 2 sets of the Four Inch Trading Coasters (they come in sets of two).
I covered them in Bo Bunny Double Dot Coral Vintage paper on both sides and sanded the edges.
I inked all the edges with Brilliance Galaxy Gold and Rocket red Gold.

I then peeled a three ply napkin leaving only the top ply with the pattern on it (trust me, you may think a napkin only has two ply but they almost all have three) and tore the bits off that I wanted to use on my coaster. I used traditional decoupage technique-brushing matte medium on the coaster. laying the piece of napkin gently on top and brushing the top of the napkin with another coat of matte medium working from the center out to avoid bubbles.
 After they dried, I lightly sanded the edges off and redid the ink edges where needed.
I then painted in dot and swirl details starting with green and then white.
I gave them all a good coat of poly to keep moisture out and they are done!
A word about napkins....
Buy a top quality brand and test a bit of it before you use it in your work. Some of the cheaper napkins color will smear when the matte medium is brushed on!

Four Inch Trading Coasters
Bo Bunny Double Dot Vintage Peach paper
Acrylic paint in white and green
Matte medium
Good quality napkin
Waterproof poly finish


  1. I love them. I have only recently come to using napkins in my artwork. The colors are summer in full bloom!! You did a lovely job

  2. These are so beautiful. And oh my gosh, your summer table! You have such an eye for decorating. When can I come and hang out on your terrace with you?