Saturday, May 4, 2019

Miniature Cocktail Bar

Happy Saturday, everyone! With the weather warming up, we're gearing up for outdoor entertaining again. A few years ago we purchased a potting bench and turned it into an outdoor party bar. I was inspired to recreate it in miniature using a GSL Workshop Table 1:12
I started by laying out the pieces. It has a rear section with legs, front legs, two side pieces, a small upper shelf and a lower shelf.  There is also a large horizontal workspace. 
Using tacky glue I adhered the upper shelf to the back of the bench, the lower shelf into the side leg sections and gave everything a coat of gesso before gluing the front legs and horizontal work space into place.
While that was drying, I made a towel bar by removing the ends from a cotton swab and painting it silver. I used two silver beads on each end of the swab to hold the bar in place.
I chose a raw umber acrylic paint for the final finish and fashioned a hand towel from a small piece of fabric with miniature ric rac glued onto the front.
The finished towel bar was glued onto the front of the bench with E6000 glue.
Since this is meant to be an outdoor bar, I added a few jar candles to the bottom shelf. Those were made by stuffing polymer clay into the jars and adding a snip of black wire for the wicks before baking. 
For the top shelf, I glued on some resin soda bottles & some small plastic martini glasses. The bottle of rum is a porcelain feve, which would typically be hidden inside a king cake during Mardi Gras. I knew I needed some sort of snack to go along with the cocktails so baked off some chunks of cheese made from polymer clay.
The main workspace contains two more feve bottles and an ice bucket made by gluing in clear bits of plastic I bought years ago. I think it might be vase filler. The lemon and lime slices are cut from polymer clay canes and glued onto a small scrap of wood which serves as a cutting board. The dish contains fine crystal glitter, which is what I used on the rim of the lemon drop cocktail I fashioned from ice resin tinted with a bit of yellow oil paint. There are two other ice resin projects on the scrap of blue wood; a pitcher of cranberry juice and a pink cosmopolitan. The final touch was a miniature cocktail recipe book. 
Here's a photo of the full size original.
 Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Other Products Used
Tacky glue
E6000 glue
Acrylic paint
Cotton swab
Silver beads
Fabric and wood scraps
Miniature ric rac
Glass jars
Black wire
Polymer clay 
Polymer clay canes
Miniature bottles, glassware, dishes, book, bucket, knife
Ice resin


  1. You are a miniature wizard. I’d never have the patience to do these and yours are always stunning and so authentic. Thanks for sharing them and your gift with us!!!

  2. Adorable! I want to hang out with a boozy beverage beside either one. ;-)