Monday, May 13, 2019

Purépecha Santos Doll

Welcome to another week of Gypsy Soul inspiration, this is Yolie with my version of the Santos Doll.
The origin of the Santos Doll is Spanish and I have longed to make my Purépecha version. Purépecha is a Mexican tribe from the state of Michoacán also known as Tarasco.

In addition to the Santos Doll set, I used the Star Medallions and Texture Sheets Fiesta.

I painted the Santos Doll and the Star Medallion with one coat of white acrylic paint. Once the paint dried, I removed the parts carefully using a Kraft knife.

Using an airbrush and Sharpie markers, I airbrushed all the parts.

I assembled my Purépecha Santos Doll and fitted her skirt. I used 2 sheets of crepe paper and airbrushed wide and narrow lines. I then used the Protective Eye pattern from Texture Sheet Fiesta as a stencil and airbrushed the design on the hem of her skirt.
With a needle and thread I used a hand baste stitch for gathering and then glued the jute to cover the stitch. I used the clothespin to secure the jute until the glue dried.

Here she is, my Purépecha Santos Doll. She's selling her ceramic wares and is beautiful.

The miniature zerape or shawl is actually a book mark I purchased in a Mexican shop along with the ceramics and hat. I will be making another visit to that store very soon to restock because these miniatures are adorable.

My original plan was to create her skirt out of corn husks, but I remembered I purchased a pack of crepe paper during Halloween that has the texture of corn husks.

I hoped you enjoyed my version of the Santos Doll. I had so much fun putting it together and giving her 'life'.  Enjoy your week and keep it crafty.

Supply List:
Santos Doll Item No.C43L
Star Medallions Item No. C7H 
Texture Sheets Fiesta Item No. D91B
Crepe paper


  1. This is such an awesome doll! I love her and all her perfect details!

  2. She is beautiful. I love her colors and authentic details. Thanks for sharing your artist flair with us!

  3. Simply a beautiful doll with wonderful colors.