Thursday, February 1, 2018

Snowman Love . . .

I've had quite a messy desk this week finishing up my Snowman Mini Book. While I really don't like snow, I do adore snowmen and the way brand new snow looks. It's so pristine (unlike this desk!).

As you may have read on my personal blog, I'm having a blast combining cross stitch with paper arts. This mini is no exception.

On the cover I've added Gypsy Soul Laser Cut Snowflake Shape Set. Painted silver to match the corners, I added pearls in the center of each.

The inside of the mini has quite a few additional pieces, including this *Let It Snow* used as a pocket. It's part of this adorable Winter Shape Set.

To finish the Let It Snow, I painted it using Prima's  Memory Hardware Powder. Make your own paint by adding a bit of water. 

Once the paint was dry, I added a bit of Prima's silver wax on top with a dab of Prima's Snowflake Paste.  The snowflake was painted with silver.

OMG as soon as I saw this Flourished Deer I was in love. It is so beautiful. I finished it the same way I did the Let It Snow, adding more of the Prima silver wax on top. Then only adhered it by the 3 bottom hooves to use as a pocket.

I cheated a bit on this page. I took some of the leftover houses I had from another project, inked them a bit and added snowflake paste to the bottom and to the snowman. I think I've talked Gina into selling these as a border. These were also adhered only at the bottom to use as a pocket.

Hope it's a bit warmer where you live. Until next time . . . stay cozy and bundled.

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