Saturday, February 24, 2018

Characters in a Book by Betsy Skagen

When I was a child I would get lost in book series like the Borrowers and the Littles. They both featured tiny human-like creatures who lived undetected in our homes using discarded or lost items as their furniture--bottlecaps for table tops, thimbles for stools, etc.
When I saw Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Hidden Drawer Book Box, I knew this faux book would create a perfect home for fictional tiny characters.

Begin making the Characters in a Book by assembling the Hidden Book Box using a strong glue such as Beacon Fabric Tac. Paint the external surface of the book with brown paint and let dry.

Drill a hole in the center of the drawer and add a knob. Trim your metal corners so descending edges will not prevent the drawer from opening.
Next apply a thick layer of Gold Texture Crackle Paste to the exterior surfaces of the Hidden Book Box. Do not apply the paste to areas where the edges of book pages would typically show. Add metal corners and a lion knocker while the paste is still wet.
Allow the paste to dry overnight. Once it is dry, easily remove the metal edges and knocker. Coat the surface with Brown Cre'me Wax and rub off in with a paper towel, removing all excess.
Put a strong glue onto the metal corners and knocker and put them back into place.

Print two copies of Alpha Stamps Hidden Book Collage Sheet. Cut out the paper edges and adhere them to the sides of your book box and drawer.
Remove pages from an old book, preferably one with a mechanical theme. Use the pages to line the inside of the drawer. Increase the aged look by inking the edges with brown ink. Spray matte sealer to protect both the interior and exterior.
Next create small rooms and hallways by assembling and gluing together metal gears with a strong adhesive.

Make rugs, bedspreads and pillows from decorative paper and glue in place. Glue the miniature furniture in place.

Make some tiny papers for your desk and your little home is complete. Now all you have to do is wait for some teeny tiny occupants to arrive!

Great Stuff

Hidden Drawer Book Box
Looking Glass Hidden Book Collage Sheet
Beacon Fabri-Tac
Metal Gears
Metal corners
Metal knob
Lion knocker
Pages from an old mechanical book
Brown ink
Matte sealer
Decorative paper


  1. Betsy, you've done an amazing job of disguising this die cut book box 'kit.' I have and use a lot of these blanks, so I know what they look like originally. Very convenient and easy to assemble but look very kit-y! However, you've used alchemy and transformed it wonderfully! Brava!

  2. This is absolutely magical! I too loved those books as a child...and the inner child in me still does. :) What a fabulous and unique way to utilize this kit. Good on you!