Monday, July 17, 2017

Madame Rose- Fortune Teller

Hi Everyone, 
Jess here today.

I was playing around with my stuff and when I popped this Altoid Inserts Fairy Tale Frame on the tin I thought it looked like an old fortune teller machine.  I can't tell you why, my mind just went there and I ran with it.
Here's what I started with when I was pulling bits and pieces together.

 I prepped the outside of the tin with a quick coat of gesso. I wanted my tin to be purple, 
but I didn't have a shimmery purple paint.  I just mixed these two together.  

 This will be the only time you see this color.  The tin is inside the vignette box and you have no clue it's purple.  Trust me.  It's purple.
The frame was painted with the Royal red and the bits of leftover purple were rubbed on there.  I went back and added more paint and ink later to age it.  

The Vine Corners(coming soon to the store) got a quick coat of Emerald Creek embossing powder. 

 As did the Art Deco Border.  I embossed both sides of these pieces.  When you get this from the store it is one large piece.  I wanted to use it to top my vignette box so I cut it to size.
Here is the tin with the Insert popped in there and the embossed medallion on the front. The crystal ball is made out of a bauble I covered with alcohol ink and glued to a vintage bingo marker.   

 Vines were added to the large vignette box. I glued on some flowers I inked up to look dried and old.
 The Art Deco Border was glued to the top.  I accidentally ripped the cigar label when I was inking it.  I rolled with it and think it adds to the overall look.
Here's a shot from the top.  I didn't want the pieces to match up at all.  I want the box to look a little broken down. 

The rest is detail work.  I rolled up vintage fortunes and placed them in the bottom so people can get their fortune. I used a different type of vintage fortune to make a border around the box.  

I hope you like her as much as I do!


  1. Love this! May have to do one of these myself. All the elements you used are perfect for this altered piece.

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