Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Travel journal (part II)

Hi everyone!
Myry again and today we start the travel journal tutorial! In this first stage we're going to make the internal structure of our journal; we don't work with the chipboads today so be patient!
You need 3 scrap papers of 6'5x17cm and 40 stained paper sheets with the same measures in a color that matches with the theme of your journal, blue in my case.
Make two folds to 13'5cm and 15cm on the scrap papers.
This will be the order of the inside of our journal: one scrap paper, 20 paper sheets, another scrap paper, 20 paper sheets and the last scrap paper.
I've decided to put the stained papers in the middle of the scrap papers but you can order it in the way that you like.
Measure the width with everything in order, 5'2cm in my case
Use a piece of cardboard at least 1'3cm wider than the previous measurement (5'2cm, then 6'5cm) and the same length as the sheets (17cm), and cover it with scrap paper.
A little comment here! Open your book cover ready to work, you'll also need a piece of elastic fabric and the cardboard piece.
Check that the cardboard fits comfortably into the space of the spine (better if there are a few mm left over)
The idea will be to stick the cardboard to the fabric and what is left over at the ends stick it to the covers. The spine will be loose, but we will do this later.
So make the next division on the cardboard: 0'8cm - 2'2cm - 2'6cm - 4'1cm - 4'4cm - 5'9cm.
Stick the scrap papers in the three largest spaces using the folds as a guide and sew the stained sheets in the middle (the darkeness lines than you can see on the paper). 
Start gluing one paper at a time.
Can you see that small space between the scrap papers? There you will sew the sheets.
Leave the outer ends alone.
Before sewing the sheets frame the scrap papers in the fold area with the sewing machine, this is optional but it works very well as reinforcement.
Now sew the sheets inside the space that was left between scrap papers as you prefer (with 3 holes or more, with the sewing machine...)
Try to seal all the threads after sewing with strong glue.
And so we would have the internal structure of our journal!
Easy peasy!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
Old book cover
Blue stained papers
Scrapbook papers or something else
Brown and gold cardstock, and acetate
2 different fabrics and sewing machine
Die cuts, shaker filler and some embellishments
Natural elements: shells, sand, branches...
Carboard, cutter, scissors, glue, gold eyelets and brads
Brown, cream, blue and crystal effect acrylic paint, blue and purple crayons and gold glitter
Gesso, brush, sponge, scoreboard and crop-a-dile