Saturday, July 3, 2021

Fairy Tale Courtyard Bedroom

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have something rather charming to share with you today. I took a brand new piece from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts - the Porch and Courtyard Box and turned it into a fairy tale setting. This structure screams to be turned into a garden setting of some sort with lush plants and flowers, a bench, maybe a fountain but I went another direction. When I figured out that a GSL Bed Standard 1 to 12 fit on that upper level it was only going to be a fairy tale setting for me.

This project started with the bed, which came out oh so adorable.

I gave the headboard, footboard and side slats a coating of gesso as primer.

Once it was assembled using tacky glue it got a few coats of white acrylic paint.

The bedposts were made from lengths of ¼ inch dowel topped by ¾ inch wood ball finials and painted white to match the bedframe.

These posts were attached to the frame with E6000 glue for extra hold. I decorated the headboard with flatback resin flowers, leaves & rhinestones.

Two kinds of mattresses were made for the bed - thin and thick. The thin ones were simply a layer of quilt batting sewn between two layers of fabric. The thick ones involved no sewing at all. I had some squishy packaging material in my stash that I cut into rectangles. I wrapped some fabric around those and glued it in place. A clothespin held the fabric in place while the glue dried.

 Dowels and E6000 were used to make a ladder for the bed.

 Pretty dang cute!

I used papers from DCWV Dark Fairytale for the upper bedroom level. The wooden floor paper is from Bo Bunny's Garden Party.

The structure has two slatted porch sections. Those were painted in a medium gray and glued in place.

Here is the upper level assembled. I painted the left wall in a soft gray. That massive stained glass detail is also from Dark Fairytale. 

The stone floor paper that I used is from the Reminisce - Wizard 102 Collection. You'll notice the stairs are tabbed directly into the left side wall.

To facilitate that, slots were cut through the stained glass paper after it was glued into place.

The Porch and Courtyard Box also comes with a lattice piece that covers the entire upper section (shown below). I left it off so that the bed could be accessed as this is going to a little girl who will need to tuck a princess doll into bed at night. Had I gone in a different direction for this piece, I was considering hanging a chandelier from the lattice, and maybe also some ivy. So many options!

A bedroom window was fashioned from a GSL Reliquary – Arch Top. I only used the frame layer, which got painted black. The starry night paper is from Graphic 45's Happy Haunting collection.

Some artwork was added to the wall using one of the new GSL Miniature Picture Frames.

A tiny flower arrangement was made in pretty much the same way full sized ones are. I cut a tiny piece of floral foam and inserted tiny paper flowers. It reminded me of the flower arranging classes my mom took when I was a kid. 

The floral arrangement went onto a vintage rattan dollhouse table. I added a friendly frog underneath.

Downstairs there was just enough room to feature a table set for a feast. I used a GSL Gothic Trestle Table 1:12 Scale.

Once painted and assembled, I topped it with a gray woodgrain paper surface.

The fun part... I got out my polymer clay and paper clay and put the TV on. It was fun researching medieval banquet spreads to see what all to make. Any questions just ask in the comments!

Since the bed has a whole princess and the pea vibe going on, I made sure to include a pea pod with a single pea missing from it.

Such a fun project, thanks for stopping by!


GSL Products Used

Porch and Courtyard Box (coming soon)

GSL Miniature Picture Frames (coming soon)

Bed Standard 1 to 12

Reliquary – Arch Top

Gothic Trestle Table 1:12 Scale

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue

E6000 glue

Acrylic paint

Wooden dowels

Wood ball finials

Flatback resin flowers and rhinestones

DCWV Dark Fairytale

Bo Bunny Garden Party

Reminisce - Wizard 102 Collection

Graphic 45 Happy Haunting

Paper flowers

Vintage miniature rattan table

Toy frog

Polymer clay

Paper clay









  1. That bed is too darling! 😍

  2. This is darling! A few years ago, I was in a group that passed around art journals and decorated them according to the owner's theme. I also used the Princess and the Pea for my friend and now I wish I could revisit the page that I worked on

  3. Your craft and attention to detail is surpassed by None you are a genius artist. Fabulous project