Saturday, July 4, 2020

China Cabinet - 2020 Version

Happy Saturday, everyone! When I first started working on one of the lovely GSL China Cabinets I thought I would display a tiny tea set I recently received that's begging for a display case. I had a look at our full sized china cabinet for inspiration and noticed it's now next to the wire racks we had to add to our dining room to hold extra supplies since we are now only shopping once a month and our kitchen has very little storage (my kingdom for a pantry!). I decided to change the focus of my little tea set display case to reflect the year 2020 has been so far.

Here are the cabinet pieces all laid out. It's very easy to construct. The cabinet also has upper and lower doors that I laid aside for a future project. I wanted the storage spaces to be wide open for this one.
Here it is after assembly with a bit of tacky glue.
I chose a dark brown acrylic paint and a red patterned paper from Graphic 45's Floral Shoppe collection for the rear wall. I painted some miniature wooden ball finials for the cabinet's feet. I always use Q-tips to hold them while I paint them, it also makes them easy to set aside to dry.
Here's an interim staging of the cabinet in it's original intent. Having abandoned that idea, I started messing around with miniature printables and supplies from my stash.
The top shelf holds an extra stash of flour and sugar in small glass jars. The sugar is fine glitter, the flour is, well, flour. The canned goods are from a vintage Barbie kitchen set that my daughters abandoned long ago and I refused to toss. Below them are mini printable supplies, some disinfectant wipes made from polymer clay and a tiny roll of toilet paper. Everyone I know is snacking lately so I included a few bags of chips.
The lower cabinet holds a hoarder's stash of toilet paper.
I made the individual rolls from strips of paper towel wrapped around a core of rolled up gray cardstock. I made 17 rolls total for this project while skyping with a crafty friend.
One last detail is the carved medallion detail I paced top center of the cabinet. It's molded from paper clay and painted to match the wood.
Thanks for stopping by! 
GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe collection
Miniature wooden ball finials
Gray cardstock
Polymer clay
Paper clay
Paper towel


  1. A wonderful but sad commentary of ours current situation. I love all these miniature creations you imagine. Good luck with your monthly outing I totally understand. Stay safe. Keep creating

  2. This is so perfect for today, always impressed with your miniature creations they are amazing

  3. Love it. The TP cracks me up!It turned out great.