Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Magic of Oz Double Explosion Box

Tap your heels three times and you’ll be transported to a wonderful world of The Magic of Oz! 

This double explosion box is from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

These are the pieces: the bottom left is the large box, bottom right is the large box lid, upper left is the small box, and the surprise box is the two right pieces. All the pieces are distressed ink.

This is the inside of the larger box.

This is the outside of the larger box.

This is the inside with pieces from the paper collection.

The tops of the green papers are open so a journaling card or money can be added. These are the Graphic 45 larger cutouts which have black mats.

This is the outside of the smaller box.

This is the inside of the smaller box adhered to the larger box center.. The sizes of the Gypsy Soul Laser Box are perfect for the smaller Graphic 45 cutouts which also have black mats. 

Both boxes are gathered up and the lid holds them together. When the box lid is taken off, the pieces "explode" out.

The lid decoration is fussy cut from the Graphic 45 paper.

The sides of the box lid are the perfect size for this border.

The "secret box" is not adhered to the other boxes so it can be picked up to look at.

What to put in the "secret box"? Ruby Red Slippers? A heart? How about a way to get home?!! The bottom of the wire is glued to the bottom of the box, and the top is glued to the back of the compass. There is a perfect Graphic 45 paper printed with a compass.  The wire is rolled around a pen just enough to pop up when the box is opened.

 There really is no place like home!