Saturday, May 2, 2020

Retro Teen Girl's Bedroom Nook

How's that for a post title? Happy Saturday, everyone! This little project brought back some fond memories and I had way too much fun with it. Record players, black light posters, bean bag chair....let me walk you through how it came together.
The scene was set inside a GSL 7 by 7 Corner Room Box. Here are the pieces laid out ready to assemble with tacky glue. It's the perfect size to set a miniature scene.
Once the glue dried, I papered the floor with a white hardwood floor paper from BoBunny's Garden Party collection and the walls with Paper Studio's Girl Flowers.
A GSL Bookcase 1 to 12 displays a lot of treasures. Pink and gingham were all the rage for girls rooms during this era. Authentique Latest & Greatest has the perfect gingham to paper the back wall of the bookcase once it was assembled. 
Rubber bands were used to hold the bookcase in place while the glue dried. 
It was painted off white to reflect the French provincial style so popular during this timeframe.
The other piece of furniture in the room is a record player console made from a GSL Library Table. My dad actually made me one of these when I was a kid to hold my stereo. Today it holds my crafting books.  Here are the pieces laid out.
I painted the sections before assembly. This makes it easier to get paint into the small nooks. It was papered the same as the bookcase.
The room needs a record player! So easily made from a GSL Suitcase 1.6 Inch and cardstock circles.
It was finished with some beads for the knobs and a snip of wire for the arm. I also made a little jewelry box from a GSL Mini Cigar Box available over at Alpha Stamps.
Here's the record player in place beneath a few posters from the time period. This little nook has black light, Have a Nice Day, Hang in There and Peter Max posters. The console also has a ouija board, Mickey Mouse ears, Creepy Crawler molds, a Mad magazine, a jar of mercury (What, didn't everyone play with mercury from broken thermometers as a kid?) and some albums which are just printed images glued onto thin cardboard.
Some favorite games assembled from printed minis. 
The shag rug is a section of pastel rainbow trim I found in the fabric section at Hobby Lobby. I'm always on the lookout for bits I can use in miniatures. I sewed up a quick beanbag chair and plopped a stuffed animal in it. The miniature chemistry book next to the chair was covered in a bit of brown paper then doodled on. There's a periodic chart to study from, too. 
Besides a few collectibles, the bookshelf has a Pet Rock (pebble with googly eyes), Magic 8 Ball (black bead), Rubik's Cube and Green Ghost game (mini printables), black & white TV made from a small tin, and a Silly Putty egg (poly clay). The glass jar contains some water beads. I wanted to make a lava lamp but finally settled on this. I also really wanted a Troll Doll for this room and ordered a miniature one from China but my order got cancelled. I'll keep an eye out for one!
Thanks for stopping by!

GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Printed images
Paper Studio's Girl Flowers
BoBunny Garden Party collection
Authentique Latest & Greatest
Miniatures & Collectibles


  1. I am mesmerized every time you post one of your intricate imaginings. They are stunning and unique. I love the retro vibe with this one. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!!