Friday, May 29, 2020

Mermaid Silhouette Luminary

The weather has been absolutely glorious here and my pool is all glistening ripples. I'm going to be taking advantage and become a total mermaid this summer. I created a little something to encourage my sea maiden ambitions.

I've used an simple, straight sided vase as a base for my luminary. You could absolutely use a jar for but this was inexpensive ($2) and the was no mucking around to fit your hand inside. 

I've used a spray to frost the glass and tinted it with washes of acrylic paint. You can see my process by visiting THIS video walkthrough.

I've placed two figures from the Mermaids Shape Set inside my vase. The firgures in this set are quite sizable, so if you're working with small jars I'd recommend considering the Mermaids Miniatures instead.

I've added shells. cheesecloth, and unraveled twine at the base of my luminary, as well as a Word Tag. There's some wired glass baubles that poke out here and there and look wonderfully like bubbles.

For a seaweed effect, I've used snips of the Leafy Swirl cutouts.

You could add an led candle inside the vase, or a string of lights, but I think it looks rather pretty just sitting in front of a bright window... especially one that overlooks the pool and reminds me to jump in, make a splash and mermaid my heart out!

Here are all the bits I've used for this project:
Word Tag - Travel (coming soon)
Leafy Swirl Cutouts
• Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray
• glass vase
• acrylic paint
• sea shells
• cheesecloth
• twine
• wired glass baubles
• glue

And HERE is where you can find out how to put all the bits together.

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  1. These are fantastic. Your imaginings are always so inspirational. Good luck with your mermaid lessons