Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Traveling Day 2

I love making little houses. I especially love indulging my Baba Yaga obsession with houses that have feet. Recently I have been taking an online workshop with Michael deMeng on building Baba Yaga Birdhouses, so once again another great excuse to put feet on houses!
This is a 'Moving Day" house, the second in a little series I am slowly working on.
You can see the first one if you click HERE and some of the tips on how I put the house together  (which is very similar) and built the base.

Here is where it began......
 This comes in a set of two, but I only used one this time around.
 The skeleton legs came from a Halloween skellie garland I got from a craft store.
I glued the legs on using Aleene's Turbo Tacky glue and then did the same for the arms.
Note: This is AFTER I glued down all the papers!
When the glue was al dry, I glued the whole shebang sown on the base, which at this point is also covered top and sides in either paper or paint.
I drilled a hole through the center on the roof ridge for a wire.
I glued an eye on a stamped brass flower and using paint, I painted an eye lid on it.
It just looked too naked.
I glued the eye to the wire. I glued a row of shingles at the top of the roof on both sides, glued in the eyeball stick and aged it up with a little Quinacridone gold paint.

I cut out some mushrooms from some charming Graphic 45 paper called Fairy Dust and put them in wee pots.
Added a bit of moss and a few details and away we go. Moving our mushrooms to a shadier place perhaps?

Thank you for stopping by!

Tiny Little Shadowbox Houses 2
Artist Trading Coins
Tiny Shingles Sampler

Graphic 45 Fairy Dust papers
Scraps of unidentified bits of paper for the roof and the base.
plastic skeleton parts
brass stamped flowers
little wooden flower pots
acrylic paints.
plastic eye ball

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