Saturday, November 23, 2019

Meet Minty the Snowman by Betsy Skagen

Meet Minty the Snowman. Some say his attitude is a little fresh, but I maintain that is just the splenderifious combination of peppermint and newly fallen snow.

To make Minty, begin by covering a Styrofoam ball with Paper Clay. Poke a small hole with a tooth pick. Let dry overnight. If not completely dry, you can help it along by heating it in the oven for a few minutes at a very low temperature.

Paint the clay ball with white acrylic paint and dab on some light pink cheeks. Let dry. Paint the entire ball with matte medium and then cover with fine clear glitter. Paint a toothpick orange and secure the tip of it tip of it in the hole with some glue.

Fill the interior of the jar with red and white straws that you cut to size.
Cut apart the chipboard snowflakes, paint white and dry.
Cover both sides with matte medium and glitter.
Use permanent glue to adhere the snowman head to a glass bottle. While it cures, thread small white beads through the top of a salt shaker and secure it place with a permanent glue. Add the snowflakes to the back of the saltshaker hat.

Use more permanent glue to adhere the salt shaker top to the top of the snowman head.
Wrap a pipe cleaner around the neck to create arms and cover the rest of the neck with some festive ribbon.

Add a tiny jar filled with tiny Perler Bead miniature candies (there are many tutorials you can find online). Add labels, such as the adorable labels made by team member Nichola Battilana and your snowman is complete.

Have a wonderful, frosty fresh weekend! -Betsy

Great Stuff

Let it Snow chipboard
Merry Little Christmas Labels
Glass Jars
Paper Clay
Styrofoam ball
Craft glue
Matte medium
Fine clear glitter
Saltshaker top
Acrylic paint
Paper straws
White beads
Miniature peppermint candy made from Perler Beads