Thursday, October 17, 2019

One of my favorite techniques . . .

is one of my favorite Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts frames.

You can find other frames here:

and you can use this technique on any
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard.

Begin with your favorite piece of chip.
Paint it your favorite color.

For this project I used
Americana Celery in acrylic.

Let dry thoroughly.

Next you'll need a glue stick
Prima Marketing Rub-On Foils.
I chose to use the Golden Girl Collection.
These rub-ons come in a tube.
5 per pack.
6" x 12" each sheet.

They are amazingly simple to use.

Take 1 sheet of foil and a glue stick.
Swipe the glue stick across the area where you
want the foil to stick.

I placed glue all over this frame but
the way the foil works with the glue
it could be hit or miss.
I love that about this as it makes the project look

And you can always go back and add
more glue stick and foil.

The cheaper the glue stick the better.
I use UHU but that's a great adhesive
so it takes longer to dry
and gives me more work time.
But . . . 
it's best to let the UHU glue dry
for just a minute or so
before applying foil.

You won't have to wait for 
a bit of dry time
with other glue sticks.

Place the foil on top of the
sticky chip - 
colored side up.
I know we're used to using things
with the colored side down but this time
we want the pretty side up.

Rub with your finger
(not your nail, not anything sharp or it will cut through the foil)

Lift the foil and . . .

If there's not enough foil on the piece,
repeat all the steps again.
You can keep using the one piece of foil
until you don't see any more color left on the foil.

Hope you enjoyed this super easy technique.
Try it on other
You won't be disappointed!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Items Used:

See you in a couple of weeks.
Nancy Wethington

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  1. Thanks for sharing this masterful technique with us. I’ll definitely add it to my texture tricks for my urban decay style