Saturday, August 17, 2019

Open In Case Of Emergency

Happy Saturday, everyone! Connie here to remind you to make sure you have supplies on hand in case of an emergency. That is what I had in mind when I decorated this fun little cabinet because you never know what might be coming your way.... hurricane, tornado, flooding, even the zombie apocalypse (which is what inspired this piece!). 
I started with the GSL Arch Top Cabinet with Doors.  The cabinet is easy to assemble. It has a back wall, top, bottom & sides plus a front piece with two cabinet doors. 
After assembling the cabinet with tacky glue, I gave the exterior surfaces a coat of gesso followed by black acrylic paint. The interior was papered with a neutral gray scrapbook paper I had in my stash.

Before setting the front of the cabinet in place, I adhered a few Lego mini figure weapons to one of the walls.
Next step was to glue miniature hinges in place onto the front piece. I later added 'nails' by snipping the heads off of some straight pins and gluing them in place. 
For interior storage, I used the GSL Petite Garden Shelves. They were assembled using tacky glue and painted in gray acrylic paint. 
Before I glued the shelves inside the cabinet, I adhered all the miniature emergency supplies in place and hung an Open In Case of Emergency sign on a cabinet handle.
I found lots of safety prep and first aid images and shrunk them to fit on the interior cabinet doors. 
On the top shelf is a first aid kit, a mini compass, a matchbox made from a wee printable, a can with a water purification tablet label, tiny knife and a pack of batteries made from printed images and a wooden skewer.
The middle shelf holds playing cards (gotta keep busy during the apocalypse!), another Lego weapon and a container of firestarters (dried seeds).
Next to the shelf I added a dollhouse lantern on the left and a bedroll made from quilt batting on the right.
The bottom has a few cans of Spam I made  from dollhouse bricks. Fritos are our absolute must have in our house when bad weather is forecast so I knew I needed to make a bag of those! The roll of toilet paper was made from strips of paper towels wrapped around a cardstock core.
Stay safe out there!
GSL Products Used

Other Supplies Used
Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Gray Scrapbook paper
Mini hinges
Straight pins
Printed images
Lego mini figure weapons
Assorted miniatures


  1. Fantastic!? We love the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Great project!!

  2. Awesome, Connie! I love the TP and the Fritos!

  3. This is so clever! Every home should have one in case of zombie apocalypse!