Saturday, June 15, 2019


Since my husband and I started keeping bees a few years ago, several species have been classified as endangered. I'm here to share a little piece dedicated to one of our most important insects.

This project started with a GSL Mini House Shadowbox 1 and my box of colorful paper scraps. The shadowbox is easily assembled from a rear wall, two side walls, a floor and two roof pieces. I used the rear wall piece as a tracing template and inked the paper's edges with Ranger distress ink before gluing it in place. 
I painted the front edges in a cheerful teal blue acrylic paint and added a blue star paper for the floor.
A bee sticker was placed inside a GSL 3 Inch Cage with Solid Back that I painted gold and papered with a yellow rose floral paper scrap.
I used two of the GSL Turrets Set of 4 for the guard houses. The interior surfaces were painted teal, the roof pieces were painted purple and the exteriors were painted apple green. I added a piece of star shaped glitter to the front of both houses.
The guards were assembled from an HO scale Preiser Carnival set. 
Painting them was a bit meticulous. I also painted a stamped metal hand in teal and purple. 
Adding the hand helps bring attention to the bee. 
I chose a polka dot paper flower for the top of the bird cage.  Then set the guards and their houses in place.
Guards reporting for duty!
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GSL Products Used

Other Products Used
Tacky glue
Paper scraps
Ranger distress inks
Acrylic paint
Bee sticker
Preiser HO scale Carnival figures
Star glitter
Stamped metal hand
Paper flower


  1. Super colorful and cheerful. I love the giant bee in the gilded cage and the miniature royal guards. So fun!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Most welcome thank you for responding and sharing your talents with us!!!