Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Phone Stand

Hi everyone, its Angela here today with you to share a Phone Holder that I made.
Firstly I laid out my pieces and knocked out the slots, then I took a silver Painters marker and painted all the edges with it along with a line around the outside of the top and bottom of each piece.

Next I laid out the pieces on a sheet of 12 x 12 paper and cut around them with a sharp knife, turned them over and cut again. This gave me a piece for each side.

The first piece I put together was the bottom as this has the slots in it. I applied glue to the paper and placed it on one side of the bottom of the stand. I then turned this over onto a cutting mat and used a sharp knife to cut the slots in the paper on the top side of the stand.
Once I had cut the slots I glued on the piece I had cut for the other side. I used a brayer to ensure the paper was stuck down well. I then stuck the paper to the other pieces of the stand.

I used some embellishments from Momenta to decorate the pieces. 

I decided that this would be a portable stand so I haven't glued it together. I just put a band around it and keep it in the bag it came in. 

Supply List
GSL Cuts Tablet/Ipad/Phone holder
Bo Bunny Double Dots Paper
Momenta Embelishments
Painters Silver Argent Plata paint marker

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