Tuesday, October 23, 2018

#Engage With The World Around You

Hi GSLC friends - It's Susan today, with another project made with the ATC Shrine Box.  The chipboard is so sturdy that the box is now one of my favorites for small shadow boxes.  One day maybe I'll even put an ATC/ACEO in one of these boxes!

Speaking of sturdy, this box proved to be the best choice for these small-yet-heavy pewter monkeys I got secondhand.

First things first, I laid out the pieces to make sure they would fit.  I knew the monkeys would have bases of some kind, onto which I could put my messages, so I left room for those in the dry run.  Looks good, so on to the next step.

In order to cut one long piece for the inside left-center-right panels, I laid the pieces out before gluing, and made pencil marks for where to cut.  I learned in previous projects that this type of long cutting with a score at the corners takes more paper than you'd think, so I left a small gap between the center piece and both sides before making the pencil marks.

White craft glue seals it all together, and a Q-tip cleans up excess glue well.

Everything got a coat of black gesso, including the base, top (not visible), wooden letters, and the Scrabble tiles used for the monkey bases.

For outside texture, I used a pallet knife to spread light molding paste.  Once that dried, I painted with black gesso and then black acrylic paint.

It the background of this photo you can see the strip of paper that will go inside once the outside is completed.

I added the designer paper to the inside with Mod Podge, then filled in all the elements.

Thanks for your visit today!  --Susan

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used

Other Supplies Used
White craft glue
Liquitex gesso
Ranger Glossy Accents
Golden Light Molding Paste
Acrylic paint
Pewter monkeys
Scrabble tiles
Printed words
Studio Calico wood letters
Wood base and finial


  1. I love the texture on the back outside and will try to incoperate it into some of my projects it looks so rusty and old... is it papers or just painted molding paste with blacks and browns? Great project as always!!

    1. Thanks John David! I used Finnabair's rust paste set, but the effect can easily be achieved with orange, golden, and brown acrylic paints, especially with the white light molding paste base for texture.

    2. Thanks so much!! I love Finnabair’s rust pastes and have never used molding pastes before. Something new to try!!