Friday, October 19, 2018

Bewitched Candy Box

Hello!! Jennalee here today with a Bewitching candy box. My favorite part of Halloween is most definitely the candy and who doesn't love having a cute way to display or gift a favorite treat. With an easy gusset, we can make the cauldron from the Be Witched Shape Set 3D. Let's get started!!

Begin by painting both cauldrons black front and back. Once dry run thru Xyron sticker maker. Apply glitter. This is my favorite way to add glitter because there is no dry time for glue and it's way less messy!!

To make your gusset cut a piece of black cardstock approximately 1.25" wide by 4.5" long. Score .25 inch from the long edge on both sides. Once scored cut V shapes approximately every quarter inch along each long edge. Fold the score lines, working one side at a time apply adhesive along the edges and adhere to the back side of each cauldron piece. 

Paint a base layer on the witch's feet both front and back. Apply purple glitter to the shoes and create stripes for the stockings using glitter tape dyed with Alchohol Ink. 

Prepare the second set of legs from the set by painting front and back black. Prepare two small wood skewers painted black. Cut a block of foam to size to fit in cauldron. Once the paint all pieces have dried adhere skewers sandwiched between the front and back legs.

Once the legs have dried insert skewers into the foam block.

Prepare hat by painting both front and back purple, run thru Xyron and apply purple glitter. 

Dye the Baubles that will overflow from the cauldron. Using a small zipper seal plastic bag add a few drops of Alcohol Ink and insert Baubles. Roll them around and add ink as needed. Remove from bag and set Baubles aside to dry.  

Color a variety of sizes of Baubles using Sunset Orange, Purple Twilight, Citrus, and Watermelon Alcohol Ink. 

Adhere Baubles down the front of the cauldron as if they are bubbles cascading over the edge. 

Spray Mummy Cloth with Twisted Citron Distress Spray Stain and heat set. Glue Mummy Cloth over the foam piece inside the cauldron and on top of the Trinket Box under the cauldron and hat. 

Cut Trinket Box from Mat Board covered in paper from Halloween Paper Stash. Blend edges with Black Soot Distress Ink and fill in fold lines with Black Soot Distress Marker. Use double sided super tape to assemble box. (Not all pieces are shown here.)

Cut a length of purple seam binding to wrap around the box and layer a Halloween Quote Chip on the front. Finish off by adhereing the Mummy Cloth, cauldron, and hat to the box top. Once the cauldron placement is figured out add remaining Baubles cascading onto the box top, fill with candy and enjoy. 

Although I think this project rounds up my Halloween creating that doesn't mean I won't continue the celebration with more candy!! 
Happy Creating ~ Jennalee 

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