Friday, April 27, 2018

The answer to your desk storage problems right here!!!

Maybe you are the sort of crafter who likes to have everything at their finger tips. I definitely am, but that creates some challenges around storage and organisation. I am typically a very organised person, but there are days when you would never know it looking at my desk. When I am busy working away at a project, I find that if I can't reach it from where I am, then I just wont use it.

 Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts has THE answer for you. They have created this awesome new storage system that you will love. Not only is it functional, and useful, but you get to build it YOUR way, and I am not talking in that annoying Ikea flat pack way either. This system is modular, so you can customise it to suit your own needs and then decorate it to suit your space more perfectly than any store bought system ever will. I even managed to co-ordinate it with another piece I already had finished. How great is that!!! I love that you can buy each piece separately, and combine them in a way that works for you. They are even stackable. I really want to get a second set to use for my classroom desk now.

These are fairly simple to put together once you sort out all the pieces. If you would like to see some more detailed pictures on how to construct each of these pieces, then please check out Susan's excellent post here and also see how different it can look depending on your choice of papers.  Read on for lots more pictures on the functionality of these pieces, and some ideas for what to use them for.

This is the full set of 7 different pieces arranged in just one of many ways. Go here to see more on the tool caddy I made some time ago, that co-ordinates beautifully with the rest of the set (no co-incidence, I really like things to match)

First up the storage chests. There is a 3 drawer version and a 6 drawer version. Naturally you'll want them both. You can even double up for even more storage. they are sturdy enough to stack on top of each other.

I like to use these ones to store glitter, seed beads, prills etc. Things can come in small bottles. They are also perfect for mini ink pads. 

I've been needing storage like this for a while. It was designed for Stickles storage, but my Liquid Pearls dimensional paint comes in the same  bottles. Of course, now I need a second one for Stickles. This unit stores a massive 32 bottles, all right there for you to see at a glance. So very handy.

Next up, are the storage cubes. One is 6x6 and the other 3x6. They fit together perfectly, while being versatile at the same time. Win-Win!!!You could even stack the smaller ones flat on top of each other. I love to use the big ones for all my different glue bottles, while the smaller ones house my scissors and my stamp blocks.

I have decorated mine simply since there are so many pieces, but you could of course go all out. Maybe I will even add to them as time goes by ;) 

Available in the store now.  In the meantime, may I also suggest this Rotating Hobby Organiser, that would add even more storage and can of course co-ordinate too.

Organizer System

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