Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Summer Cottage

Hello everyone, Lora here taking my turn for the amazing Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts!
Ever dream of getting away for the summer? Escape the bustle of the city or the heavy heat and humidity that we get here in the south? I do. I love where I live but there are two months of the year when the pollen is terrible (for someone who has summer allergies) and the heat is so thick, you can scoop it with a spoon.
Those two months I dream of a sweet little cottage somewhere far north, near the sea.
A place where I can open the windows, smell the salt and feel the ocean breeze, hang laundry on the line, bake pies and be near enough to walk to the beach.
And maybe eat a lobster roll or two.
This dream is what inspired my little 'Summer Cottage'.

I began with the Arch Top Cabinet with Doors.
I opted not to use the doors this time as I wanted it to be open and airy. (For a look at what a piece looks like with the doors attached, click HERE)
I assembled the piece and papered the outside with Double Dot Vintage Soft Pear Scrapbook Paper, sanded the edged and inked them with Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink.
Knowing I would need a large amount of sky, I papered the inside back with a blue paper, and painted the top, bottom and sides (inside) white.
I painted this quick little watercolor and cut it up, with the center piece measured to fit the width of the inside of the cabinet.
NOTE: There will be a tutorial on how to paint a little watercolor cottage later in the spring for those of you who are interested.
I also painted a bunch of blobby bits that will become shrubbery (Okay, it's irresistible......"Don'y say 'Shrubbery'!") and a path that I also cut out. I glued foam core to the backs of the pieces that thought I wanted to use and began playing with a layout stacking them up to create layers and depth.
When I was happy with the way things looked, I began gluing the pieces in, working my way from the background (the biggest piece, which is the house) to the foreground, a bright green shrub.
 There are four layers stacked in this piece to create depth, but you can certainly add more or less depending on how much detail you want. I added a few flowers and dots for a finishing touch.
My little Summer Cottage...I like guests.....maybe I'll see you here someday!

Arch Top Cabinet with Doors

Additional supplies:
Bo Bunny Double Dot Vintage Soft Pear Scrapbook Paper
Prima Flowers
Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink
Hot Press Watercolor Paper
Schmincke Watercolors

Thank you for dropping in!

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