Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Curiosities ATC Faux Book Box

Hello crafty friends!  It's Susan today with a wee box of curiosities.

This is the ATC Faux Book Box, which is 3" x 4 1/2".   This is the first time I've used linen hinge tape  and I think it turned out pretty well (if I do say so myself).

Here are the pieces -- the faux book box is on the right and the spine and cover are on the left.  The little pieces are extras that I always keep around.  You never know how useful they can be!

Glue the sides on, leaving the left side for last.

I measured the inside wall papers by standing it up and making a pencil mark.  I cut the paper for  inside back wall by tracing the outside of the box and trimming it down to fit.  It's a fiddly process but it works.

Next I primed all the surfaces with black gesso.

Once dry I chose the paper for the inside cover.  I adhered the paper to the inside with mod podge before adding the hinge tape because I really didn't know how much bulk it would add, and I wanted the cover to close properly.

I cut two pieces of hinge tape and adhered to the outside of the spine. (The tape is sticky on one side - this photo shows the sticky side.)  I set the book on it's end and positioned the spine and cover pieces where I needed them and pressed the hinge tape down.  The right side is shorter to fit the box wall - you'll see why in later photos.

For the inside on the cover, I cut another piece of hinge tape the same length as the left one above.  I used a paper trimmer to cut it in half length-wise, then trimmed one to the same shorter length as the right side.  I carefully aligned the first piece and used a bone folder to stick the inside hinge tape to the outside hinge tape, moving the cover piece back and forth to ensure flexibility.

Here you can see I peeled the paper backing off the hinge tape and positioned it to match the outside.

I used the bone folder to stick the hinge tape together before letting it stick to the box.

I very carefully painted the hinge tape black.

The outside hinge tape, too, but not so carefully.

Instead of inking the paper edges, I used paint since I had extra.

I added the papers to the inside of the box with Mod Podge.

Even though I painted the edges, I decided to sand them for a more finished look.  Then I painted them again.  *sigh*

For the flying pig cage, I traced the solid cage on my paper and cut it out freehand.  I used a gold metallic paint for the cage front.  Once dry I glued them together with a glue pen and set a heavy object on it until dry.

I traced the banner bit with pencil and cut it out.  After priming, I glued them together and painted the edges black.

I had a leftover flourish from my last project and added it to the spine.

Thanks for your visit today!


Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used
ATC Size Faux Book Box #BD12T
2" Cage w/Solid Back #BB43A
Banner Border Strips - Assorted #D34D
Fantasy Frame & Flourishes #D52D

Other supplies used
G45 Old Curiosity Shoppe
Mod Podge
Liquitex gesso
Piece from old braces (closure)
Glossy Accents

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