Monday, May 29, 2017

Simple Business Card Holder

Hi everyone, Angela here with a really easy project for you. I was in need of a business card holder for a new project I'm working on so I decided to put together and decorate the one I got from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

Here are the bits for the holder laid out on my bench:
As is the case with most of the Gypsy Soul Lasercuts "buildable" pieces you put this together from the inside out

Once I had established that I knew what piece went where... I know, I can hear you saying "there are only 5 pieces for goodness sake", believe me I can get that wrong very easily! ...I took the thing apart to decorate.

First I gave each piece a coat of Brushed Pewter distress paint on both sides. I took one of the Mixed Media Fragments Retro and laid it down like a stencil and drew round it with a sharpie on what was to be the inside of my finished piece.

I used the same sharpie to colour the pattern in.
I used a paint brush with a blob of paint on my glass mat to paint round the edges.

I then glued all the pieces together and used the same "fragment" as a stencil again but this time I painted in the gaps. I used a small paint brush and squeezed a little paint out on to my glass mat then applied this in each space from the middle outwards. This was to stop the wet paint running under the chipboard fragment.

Once I had painted the outside I decided that the inside was too bright so I went over it with a thin coat of the same "Seedless Preserve" distress paint that I used on the outside.
Here is my finished project:
As you can see I had to place my business cards in side ways as they are not a standard size card (note to self - need to make new business cards to a standard size lol).

Business card holder
Mixed media fragments Retro
Distress paint in Brushed Pewter and Seedless Preserves
Purple Sharpie
Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic glue

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