Friday, May 26, 2017

The Throne Room

Goodmorrow fellow crafters, Jess here today with a throne room project for you!

To begin with, we need to build the display, and as usual I`m using both 1/2 inch and 1 inch thick insulation foam. The 1 inch thick for the base and the 1/2 inch for the back. I'm not really measuring here, just sort of eyeballing based on what I want to include on the display. Make sure you're using a sharp box cutter/utility knife or you'll get pilling when you cut.

Here's the two on top of each other so you can see the difference. Mine didn't cut perfectly, which is fine, because I'll be covering it in balsa wood - no worries!

I use very thin balsa wood that's 1 inch so I can cut it with scissors easily and then just hot glue it down with a low-temp glue gun (always low temp when working with foam) Then just sand the edges to make it soft and pretty.

Then I used a burnt umber paint to paint the balsa wood, covered sparingly to mimic a stain.

I cut some small-print scrapbook paper  for the wallpaper and used a glue stick to fix it to the foam.

Then I base coated my GSLC products in black - shown here is my Cathedral Frame, but I also base coated my throne.

I'm in the habit of saving clear product packaging for crafting projects, so I cut off a piece (really hard to take a picture of, so I hope you can see it here)

And then I cut some jagged pieces to stick into the Cathedral Frame.

I line them up to make sure I've got enough pieces.

I sort of messy painted/dry brushed the outer piece in a blue-green colour (and copied the same effect on the throne)

I painted the product packaging pieces in a layer of silver paint.

And then they fit nicely in here! I glued them all down, and affixed everything to the display. Check out below for the finished display!


Fancy Throne (coming soon!)

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