Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Botanical Tea Mini Album Display Case by Sandy Trefger

Hello! Sandy here for this first week of May with another fun Spring project from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  This will be a two part blog tutorial.  Today I'll share how I assembled the Mini Album Display Case and then in two weeks on May 17th I'll share how to assemble the mini albums. I love that the Mini Album Case has a drawer that opens and holds four mini albums!

This kit from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts is really easy to put together and is very sturdy!  Let's get started!

Supplies/Tools Needed:
  • Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Mini Album Display Case Kit  C51M
  • Graphic 45 Botanical Tea 12x12 Paper Collection
  • Assorted Roses/Flowers
  • Vintage Buttons
  • Tim Holtz Drawer Pull Knob
  • Button Twine, Natural
  • Ribbon, 1" Wide
  • 12x12 Kraft Cardstock
  • 3/8" Double Sided Tape
  • 12" Score Board
  • 12" Trimmer
  • 12" Ruler
  • Bone Folder
  • White Glue
  • Distress Ink & Applicator (Brown Color)

Step One:
  • Gather up your supplies and open up the Mini Album Display Case kit, take out the pieces for the case only.  Use a baby wipe or damp cloth to wipe off the black residue from the edges of the chipboard pieces.  Lay the pieces out according to the directions that come with the kit so you can see how the case and the drawer go together.

Step Two:
  • Follow the directions in the kit on how to assemble the case.  Use glue to hold the pieces together and make sure to not get glue where the notches go.  I put each piece together with the notches and then applied a line of glue on each side of the piece and held it in place until dry.

Step 3:
  • Set the case aside and allow it to dry completely.  While it dries, assemble the drawer in the same manner, following the kit instructions.

Step 4:
  • While the case and the drawer continue to dry, I decided to finish the edges with kraft cardstock rather than paint.  This not only gives a nice finished look but also adds extra support to the case and drawer in case I did not get it glued well in all places.  You will need 12x12 kraft cardstock to create structure and finishing "hinges." Use your trimmer to cut the 12" cardstock into 1" x 12" strips.  Place each strip on to your score board and score on the 1" side at 1/2".  If you do not have a score board, you can fold the strips in half and crease the line with a bone folder.

Step 5:
  • You will now attach a hinge over each edge of the case on the inside and the outside as well as on the drawer.  In areas where needed, angle cut to make the hinges fit properly especially on the inside.  You will need to cut each hinge to fit as you attach them to your case and drawer. Make sure to place the fold line of each hinge along the edge of the section you are attaching the hinge to.  Use glue to attach your hinges.

Step 6:
  • Use a ruler and measure each section of the case and drawer.  Cut patterned papers with a trimmer to fit each section, leaving about an 1/8" margin from the edges.  Ink the edges of your papers if desired and glue to each section.  Burnish well with your hands to make sure you have no bubbles and that the paper sticks down well.  Pattern the inside and outside of your case and the drawer.  Attach a drawer pull knob to the front of your drawer as shown.

Step 7:
  • Wrap 1" ribbon around the case and tie into a knotted bow at the top.  Use hot glue or 3-in-1 glue and attach roses, flowers, vintage buttons and a button twine bow to the top of the case.  Punch out decorative paper corners and glue in among the roses.

The case is finished and ready for the mini albums which will be in my next post on May 17th.

I hope you'll check out all the great chippies and kits available in the GSL online store and create something beautiful for yourself or for a gift.

Happy Crafting!


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