Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween Heart

Yep, Halloween Heart. Because Halloween is my favorite-est favorite and I'm spreadin' the love! Lora here with a fun project using the Mini Display Tray-Heart.

I started out using the overlay tray (front piece) as a template for my orange paper, cutting carefully inside the pencil line, which is a much truer cut and fits the shape without too much trimming afterwards. I also cut out my background paper for the solid back piece. I glued both papers in place.

Once again, using the overlay tray as a template, I traced around the images I decided were suited to each section of the tray. In this case, I cut OUTSIDE of the lines so I would have a little extra paper space to glue onto the frame. I then used a scalpel (you can also use a craft knife) for some detailed fancy cutting on the images so that the background paper would show through.

The above photo shows me checking the layout before I glued things down. Next step was to glue each piece to the underside of the overlay tray. (Pictured below)

Once all the components were secure I gave it a few minutes to dry.....

And glued the overlay tray on top of the back piece, taking care to make sure all the edges lined up neatly. The hard part for me is waiting for the darn thing to dry. So I went into the kitchen and made some gingerbread cake. An hour later I flipped the piece over and painted the back black. I also chose one of the Stackable Labels from the Stackable Labels Shape Set and painted it black (back and front).

I covered the top layer of the label with the orange paper I used on the overlay, printed out 'We Love Halloween" and glued it on the bottom of the label. I wanted to attach the label to the heart with wire, so I lined up the label, centering at the top of the heart and carefully marked both pieces with a marker, indicating where I wanted the holes to be (two holes for each piece). You can see my tiny white dots on each piece, well at least you can on the label, referencing where to drill.

I used my little hand drill to make the four holes, made two jump rings out of my favorite hardware store wire, and attached the two pieces. I glued a little eye hook the the label, added a couple of details like a tiny witches hat,  a pair of glasses and the number 31. It's ready to display!

Stackalble Labels Shape Set
Mini Display Tray-Heart

Additional supplies
Graphic 45 Rare Oddities Scrapbook Paper
Bo Bunny Vintage Double Dot Scrapbook Paper
12 Gauge Black Wire
Metal Numbers
Black Acrylic Paint

Thank you for taking a look!

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