Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Safari" - a Memory Tray Shadowbox by Rhonda

It's week three as a Guest Designer for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and I chose this wonderful Memory Tray Shadow Box for my project along with the new Safari Chip Board Animals.  Alpha Stamps (my regular awesome Design Team) just happened to get these new Graphic 45 papers called the Safari Adventure Collection. Perfect for my African trip.  

To start, I always lay my pieces all out, like a puzzle, to make sure I know for certain which part goes where. Then I'm ready to start building. 

When putting the edge pieces on, I like to hang the whole piece over my desktop so I can more easily place the piece into place. Just a better angle for getting it together more quickly.

After it is all together, I like to put a dab of glue on the joints just to give it additional strength. 

Messy is better and finger brushes make one more in tune with their project, lol.

This step does not take long at all, if you are willing to get a little messy.

I also applied glue to the back of the piece, but this is not necessary if you are covering the back as well. Personally, I must do the backs of all of my projects or I just feel naked and unsettled. 

After adding this darker designed Natural Habitat paper to the back of my piece, I smoothed it out as much as possible with a bone folder. 

Sandpaper can be a best friend at times for smoothing edges down so they look more like a part of the whole instead of just a glued on piece. 

Emery boards work great for those tiny spots. Don't spend a fortune on expensive "weathering" tools when a good ole' $.99 package of emery boards can do the trick. 

Next I did a little rub down with an ink pad to bring it all together and darken the white core of the paper that was showing. 

After my paper is all in place, it's time to paint. For this project I used corresponding black paint to coincide with the back. 

Now that the painting is done and dry, the real fun begins!

I started by placing different elements into place, deciding exactly where I wanted my placement which then led to me knowing which side of my chip board animal to paint. 

Good ole Distress Paints for the main color of each animal made it a quick and non messy project. Love these little dabbers so much! Wild Honey, Mustard Seed, Picket Fence, Weathered Wood

Then I used markers to "paint" on the details. This beautiful page from G45 Safari Adventure was great for inspiration and guidance. What do you think?

I combined my painted animals with animals and items from the Alpha Stamps Collage Sheet Out of Africa .

I knew I wanted to place my cheetah "in the trees", so I had my youngest run outside and get me a small stick to use for the tree branches. 

After cutting out my leaves from my collage sheet, I used a pencil to give them a bit of shape. 

I always have foam tape on hand to give my items dimension. This way my cheetah can relax on his branch and the leaves can pop out and help him hide while he looks for prey.

I wanted my bottom trim to not be so stark and have a vintage feel, so a swipe or two of a brown ink pad did the trick.

I also added images from the G45 Papers like the camera and lantern that I added some Liquid Pearls to, to make the lantern look like it was actually lit up.

I had some vintage miniature animals that my mom passed on to me and the monkeys were perfect pals for this rhino! 

A few feathers and a vintage broach are the perfect touch for my "vintage" safari Memory Tray Shadow Box.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find a wonderfully, creative adventure this week! 


Safari Shape Set (Coming Soon!)

Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Collection 12x12 pad
Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Collection 8x8 Pad
Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Collection Patterns and Solids 6x6 


  1. Jaw dropping! This is such a wonderful way to combine many different safari products into one beautiful project! Well done!

    1. Thank you so much Gloria! I'm so happy that you like it and appreciate you taking the time to say so! xoxo Rhonda...

  2. Jaw dropping! This is such a wonderful way to combine many different safari products into one beautiful project! Well done!