Friday, August 19, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Store - Part III

Hey guys, Jess here back again bringing you part III of the Fallout themed room box, using the Storefront Room Box from GSLC. A lot has changed from last week, most notably the colours I was using. I just wasn't happy. Last week was the part of the process most of us artists know as the "I hate it" part - this week, though, I'm totally in love again, and let me show you why:

I felt like the front of the shop needed an awning, so I made a base out of foamcore.

Then I just covered it in a scrap of red material and poof - awning. I'm pleased as punch with how it came out.

Here's the front - you can see I've now attached the back and painted (aged it). You can also see the colour change here. I'm going with blue instead of red. The red just looked like a pale attempt at rust and it just wasn't working, so with the blue you can tell what is supposed to be chipped paint and what's supposed to be rust.

I aged the sides as well with inks.

I also added some more detail to the window because I thrive on detail.

I also added more of a wood texture to the foam - then dry brushed white and grey for that old look.

I built a counter top out of foam and cereal box. Held together by hot glue.

I mixed together a rusty colour and dry brushed over a black base, then added a bit of silver to the edges.

The final addition this week is the shelves above the counter, again - all made from foam and painted.

Check back next week for what I hope to be the last installment and final pictures, unless I add way more things - because I might. You never know!

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