Friday, August 12, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Store - Part 2

Hey guys welcome back - Jess here with an update on the post-apocalyptic shop I've been working on. Most of this week has been working in Gimp (a free program similar to Photoshop) and trying to pull images from the video game I'm working with (the Fallout series), and finding other renditions of the products in the game to find in the store.

Here's the door attached before I take it off again to paint.

The only thing I'm satisfied with is the sign. It's meant to look old and peeling - perhaps rubbing off in the harsh nuclear wind. The metal was supposed to look similar but I'm just not happy with the direction it's going, so I'm going to rustify it for next week.

Here's a closer view of the sign.

And some Sugar Bombs cereal and Abraxo Cleaner from the game, printed out and made into boxes, soon to be in the shop!

If you want to make your own shop, head on over to the GSLC shop and grab yourself a Storefront Room Box

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