Friday, August 26, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Room Box - Finished

Hey guys, Jess back to finally show off the finished post-apocalyptic (Fallout video game themed) room box using the Storefront Room Box from GSLC. I went a little detail crazy with this one, so bear with me as I go through all the pictures.

Full view of the whole room box. I apologize for how shadowed some parts are - it's been a very bright summer and nearly impossible to get precise shots outside.

Honestly, I love how the sign and awning turned out. It looks suitably aged and painted after the bombs hit.

The doorway - who needs doors after a nuclear war? Also, I couldn't help but riddle the outside with bullet holes.

A view of the rifle and some posters.

Rifle, various books, pre-war money, bricks, cinder blocks, bullets, various papers.

Nuka-Cola posters.

Cinder blocks I made with a scattering of bullets on top.

The aged metal and wood outside with more bullet holes.

Jack Gutrot alcohol, books, some pre-war money and some bullets.

Sugar Bombs cereal and Abraxo cleaner. They totally go on the same shelf, right?

Grognak the Barbarian comic book, BlamCo mac and Cheese and a stray brick and bullet.

Shell casings, Wasteland Survival Guide and a cigarette.

Tales of Chivalrie Magazine.

Instamash potatoes and Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs and BlamCo Mac and Cheese

Cram (Fallout's version of Spam)

Dandy Boy apples and Rad X in the background.

More Nuka Cola

And more still.

I put some cinder blocks on top for more dimension.

It's hard to notice in the grand scheme of things, but there is actually bits of "broken glass" in the window that I've coloured to look aged.

And finally, just a close up of the aged and painted metal.

And that's the last installment of the post-apocalyptic store! Thanks for following along and check back next week for a new project!

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