Friday, August 5, 2016

Post Apocalyptic Store - Part 1

Post Apocalyptic Store - Part 1

Hey guys, Jess here and this month I'm working on a Post Apocalyptic store (based on the Fallout game series) using the Storefront Room Box from GSLC. It's a great room box because it gives you so much to work with and you can alter it as you like and make any changes you want, or work with it as is.

I'm using a lot of foam core this month and I want to let those of you who are unfamiliar with it know a little more about it as a crafting material. I buy my foam core from Dollar Tree here in Canada. You can buy it in craft stores, but I advise against it for one main reason: the paper covering the outside doesn't come off as easily. I've seen people go so far as to soak it in the sink to get the paper off, but the foam core that Dollar Tree carries just peels right off with one swift tear. Easy peasy. Also, it's cheaper - so that's a bonus.

I made a 2x10 inch outline on the foam core, which is the same size as the piece that sticks up on the room box - this will be the base of my sign.

I've cut it out using a box cutter. I've switched to using a box cutter over a craft knife a lot lately; easy to change and cheap to replace. Always make sure you're using brand new and very sharp blades for cutting foam and I highly recommend removing the paper before you cut to save your knife from having to cut the paper. It will make your knife last longer.

I'm super impatient so I'm using hot glue to attach my foam. Keep in mind that hot glue will melt the foam a little. You can use PVA glue instead, but beware warping if you do.

This month I'm using a material I haven't used before; a plastic mesh sheet. Each sheet was cheap and I found them in black in the cross stitching section. It's giving texture where there was none and I can make it look like a metal grating.

It's super easy to cut - any scissors will do.

I'm using wooden coffee stir sticks again this month - they're adding texture and dimension to my sign.

I've built a small shelf out of foam and covered the top in the plastic mesh.

The shelf sits right in front of the window so I can set things right in front of  the window.

I'm cutting strips of foam core to add to the dimension of the outside of the room box.

For another texture, I'm using corrugated paper - this will be metal sheets when painted.

On each side, the bottom is corrugated and the top is poly filla, filled in sparsely. 

You can use the foam core to add more "pretty" details as well.

The door will also be "corrugated metal".

And because it's post apocalyptic, it needs a broken window, too!

Check back next Friday for the next installment of the Post Apocalyptic Store!

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