Friday, April 29, 2016

The Making of a Room Box - Part II - by Jessica

Welcome back to The Making of a Room Box for our second peek into creating with the Open Front Room Box from GSLC.

For this box, I wanted there to be a door in the background and what better use of the GSLC 4 Panel Door could I think of, but to be the door to this tiny little world I`m creating.

The door comes with separate pieces that must fit inside the main door piece. What I`ve done is take (several) nail files and filed down each side of the 4 small pieces, and then file down the door itself to give a beveled look and add some depth to the door.

I went through many nail files through this process. They work better than just sandpaper on it`s own and give you a straight, flat working area.

 I highly advise learning from my mistake and wearing a mask while you do this. I started coughing a quarter of the way through and realised I`d probably inhaled some powdered chip board.

The aim of the sanding is to give it a more realistic door `look`.

I assembled the door and glued everything in place - this will be a non-functional door. `Just for show`as they say. I then took my awl (Whom I call Mr. Pointy) to the door, to give it some lines to make it look like wood grooves. Be careful to not go too deep if you attempt this - if you go too deep, the chip board sort of feathers and ruins the effect.

I used a dark stain to finish off the door, giving it a couple of coats. Be careful as you assemble the door with glue as to where the glue goes - if it seeps into the area you actually see, the stain will not affix to it and be a tad blotchy.

Pasting the wallpaper on, I just use Uhu glue sticks, as there is no bubbling this way.

And this is your sneak peek for next week - the remainder of the wallpaper is put on, as well as the baseboards.

Open Front Room Box
4 Panel Door 1:12

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