Friday, April 15, 2016

Rusty Dragon Water Tower by Jessica

Hey guys, I'm here this week with some Wargaming terrain. I know you guys don't usually come to GSLC for terrain building, but here's why you SHOULD.

GSLC has all the flat elements you need to set off your pieces. There's dragons, as you'll see in my post today, as well as a plethora of other fantasy chipboard pieces. If you're working on 40k, there's gears aplenty.

My project this week is built from a Pringles can (as is common in Wargaming terrain), many wooden stir sticks, some basswood and a whole lot of paint.

Here's the rust dragon, featured in all it's glory. Steampunk element added and hung from a chain on the side of the water tower.

As with a lot of steam punk terrain, I've used straws to act as pipes that direct water from one place to the next in this piece.

I love trying to make things look rusty!

Top view of the water tower.

And finally, the base - where I've used rhinestones to act as nails/rivets.

GSLC Materials
Dragons Shape Set

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