Friday, April 8, 2016

The Olde Cottage - Part One by Jessica

Using foam core purchased from dollar tree, I designed a very simple house in 1:24 scale to accompany all the lovely GSLC miniature 1:24 scale furniture.

Simply designed and put together, it measures 20cm high, 20cm wide and 17.5 cm deep. I removed the outer layer of paper on one side of each wall and then used my brick stamping method, which can be seen here on my YouTube channel.

I've added a door in the front, as well as a small window to accompany it. The walls on the inside are then covered in Polly Filla for texture.

The window features shutters from the 3D House Mini Album (which I like because it gives you a lot of house-like pieces you can use for various projects). So I cut some shutters down to size and gave them a splash of red paint.

The inside of the window features one of the 4 panel windows cut to size to fit inside - you can add these lovely chipboard pieces to 3D things like dollhouses to give them an extra element.

This week involved building the house to showcase future projects, so check back with me again as we add more and more details to this tiny house.

The door is carved out of basswood which you can find at any local hobby store. I cut notches out of it and shaved it down with a nail file to give it more dimension.

 I've covered the brick with Polly Filla to give it an "exposed brick" look, which I like the end result of much more than I liked just the brick on its own. I've also added some creeping moss or ivy along the bottom and side of the house using Woodland Scenics flock.

I used several washes of burnt umber to the Polly Filla to try and age it - stark white and I don't get along well together in crafting, so most of my things are aged in some manor.

Inside the walls are also covered in Polly Filla - I find this imitates early 1900, late 1800's houses insides nicely.
 The floor is made from wooden coffee stir sticks and then painted various shades of brown. You could also use stain for the floor, but I just can't handle that smell for too long.
The house also features a "half attic", which - you guessed it - takes up half of what could be considered a second floor. The base is foam core which is then covered in wooden stir sticks. The roof is a mix of stir sticks and basswood.

Come check back in to see updates to the inside of the house, where we'll be using the GSLC 1:24 scale furniture.

Windows 4 Panel Square
3D House Mini Album


Polly Filla
Cereal box card
Wooden Coffee Stir Sticks
Woodland Scenics Flock
Foam core

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