Thursday, April 8, 2021

Art Journal Page - Off With Their Heads

Hello everyone!  Today I have an art journal spread to share and for my inspiration, I will be using the journal prompt cards that I made in this post.

To make this art journal page, I am going to use the prompt cards I mentioned above. There are many ways to use prompt cards and this is only one way. I will have a second post soon, showing another way to use the cards if you want less control over the process!  So for this exercise, I shuffled my cards and then drew six prompt cards as follows:

This time, I chose to pull all the prompt cards at once and to use them in whatever order I wanted, and not in the order in which they were drawn. 

So firstly, I did some journalling on the background for the HANDWRITING prompt.  The journalling is personal, so it is blurred in the photos. 

For my second prompt I chose ADD CRAYON and used neocolours on top of the journalling by scribbling all over the page which also takes care of the MAKE SOME MARKS prompt, then activated them with water to spread the colour over the background. 

At this point I also chose my FOCAL POINT which is this image of Marie Antoinette.

For the COLLAGE prompt I am using some of these gel prints I made using GSL chipboards in this post and some scraps leftover from making the prompt cards.

To make the focal point more of a feature, I thought I would give my regal queen a frame.

This is a two part chipboard frame also from GSL, so I chose two colours to paint it.

I used Pearl Magenta and Pearl Turquoise (I also painted a backup frame in Sunset Gold just in case).

At this point, there is only one of the six prompts left - TEXTURE - so first of all, I used a palette knife to scrape this turquoise heavy body paint across various parts of the page.

Then I added some gold paint splatters that were left over from something else I was working on at the same time. I covered up my focal point so she wouldn't get splattered.  It adds a little more texture and interest to the background.

For more texture, I took some texture paste and mixed it with Magenta heavy body paint.

I used this leftover negative diecut piece of watercolour paper as a stencil and applied my texture paste mixture through it.

Here's a closer look at the magenta paste on the page...

So now we are here and all the prompts are used but is it finished? 

Well it could be, but then I decided to add more collage pieces which were leftovers from this project.

And then for some extra HANDWRITING I added something I could imagine her saying!


So that's the finished page using only six prompts but of course you can use as many as you need, more or less, and stop when you are happy with your page.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

Till next time,

Empire of the Cat

Project Recipe:

Layer Frame Felicity C58O
In the gel prints: PE126ES Seaweed Circle *coming soon*, PE129ES Oceanic *coming soon*, Leafy Swirl C7G
my art journal, black pencil, neocolours II, heavy body paint, texture paste, gold acrylic ink, collage materials, photo, cardboard scraps used as a stencil, magenta and turquoise metallic paints, glue, gel medium, black pen, and of course, the prompt cards!