Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"Lovely" LO

Hi everyone!
Myry again! A few days ago I shared a LO in the Facebook group that I'd made with some Gypsy chipboards and I thought make another one and show you how to make a LO like that!
Choose two 20x20cm (7 7⁄8") scrap papers and decide which one goes on the top. In my case I'm going to use this flowered paper with an oval opening. Next we're going to age its inner edges
Glue the paper on top of the other but without putting glue on the aged edges. Then glue it to the cardboard to give more strength to our LO.
This step is optional: give a touch to the edges of the LO with acrylic paint (silver or the one that goes best with the colors of your papers). 
Use some small pieces of scrap paper, age their edges and glue them to the edges of our main paper.
Choose 3 pieces of scrap paper somewhat larger than yout photo (I'm going to use a 6x8cm/2 23⁄64"x3 5⁄32" photo). You can age the edges of the papers now or after gluing them to the photo.
Now I'm going to show you how to give volume to a photo and create small "spaces" to decorate later.
Glue a piece of chipboard behind the photo, then glue one of the papers behind the photo like this:
Glue another piece of chipboard behind the paper and glue the next paper so that there is this little "space" between both.
Do the same with the last piece of paper but this time glue a piece of chipboard in front and another behind.
Easy peasy!
Now we are going to work with Gypsy chipboards: Frame Lavinia and Leafy Swirls and Buds (I'd chosen another one but in the end I only used these two sets).
Paint them with the acrylic paint after cleaning the edges.
Place some elements among the small spaces that we made in a harmonious way with the papers.
Flip the frame until you're satisfied with its position on top of the photo.
Put the leaf-shaped chipboards between the die cuts and the flowers and use more chipboard if necessary to add volume to the diecuts.
Place all the decorative elements (die cuts, flowers, thread...) until you like the result. 
Once ready it's time to glue everything in place! I recommend using a good hot silicone or sturdy glue.
To finish, distribute the glitter and other small elements, and give the last touches with white acrylic paint.
And that's it! 
What do you think?
I hope you like it!

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts items used:

Other items used:
20x20cm (77⁄8") cardboard and scrap papers
Bruch/sponge and silver and white acrylic paint
Scissors, glue/hot silicone and chipboard pieces
Die cuts, flowers, lace, wool threads and glitter