Friday, September 4, 2020

Coffin Bookcase

Happy Saturday, everyone! I'm happy to share a project using a brand new product from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, the 6 Inch Coffin Bookcase (Coming Soon). It was screaming to me that it wanted to be decorated as a tribute to Beetlejuice. Screaming, I tell ya! Let me walk you through how it was made.

 The bookcase comes in three pieces. The coffin box and two shelves.

The coffin has tabs that are folded down and glued to the side walls to form the 3 dimensional shape. I decided to take a chance and remove those tabs to make the interior walls really sleek. The shelves were folded and glued in place using tacky glue. 
I chose a green paper from the BoBunny Double Dots vintage line and cut it to fit the shelves and coffin interior walls. 
 The undersides of the shelves were painted in a light green. I used a thin black dresden trim on the interior. A piece of black cardstock was cut to size for the back of the piece. 
The outside of the shelf was papered with a black and white striped paper from Echo Park's Coffee collection. 
I made a little diorama of the sandworm from the movie. I glued craft sticks together, painted the box black then staged the scene with printed images and paper scraps. 

Here it is set in place, along with a copy of the Handbook of the Recently Deceased and a couple of Harry Belafonte calypso albums.

The center shelf has replicas of some of Delia's sculptures made from polymer clay and a portrait of Lydia framed with more dresden trim and some green brads.

I got the idea for this project when I found a set of interesting black and white birthday candles that reminded me of this movie. To cut them down to miniature size I used a heated X-Acto knife. The candle bases are wooden disks I painted black. 

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GSL Products Used  

6 Inch Coffin Bookcase (Coming Soon)

Other Supplies Used

Tacky glue
Acrylic paint
Dresden trim
BoBunny Double Dot paper
Black cardstock
Echo Park's Coffee collection
Craft sticks
Printed images
Polymer clay
Miniature book
Birthday candles
Wood disks